CITY KIDS (weekly) - City Kids is a fun and engaging program that reaches the entire neighborhood. By deploying our City Kids Truck, we do three things: 1) deliver good news, 2) show God’s love, and 3) meet tangible needs. Join us, every Thursday from 3pm - 8pm. To register, please sign up here.

VISITATION & MENTORSHIP (weekly) - Each week, Mobilize Love sends trained volunteers to visit and follow up on families that sign up for additional help and support. One of the most powerful and impactful ways to serve is to be a consistent and available presence in someone else’s life. This happens through weekly visitation. As relationships grow deeper, some may even sign up for the Mobilize Love Mentorship Program, which is a 9-month mentorship relationship that empowers the children, youth, and families to thrive in all facets of life. To register for this outreach, please sign up here.

CITYTEAM x MOBILIZE LOVE COMMUNITY OUTREACH (monthly) - Every last Saturday of the month, we host our monthly Cityteam x Mobilize Love Community Outreach. This collaborative outreach includes outreach opportunities from Cityteam and Mobilize Love. Volunteer registration begins at 8:30am at 164 6th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103. From there, you will be given an opportunity to serve either on 6th Street in 10 different outreaches. To register for this outreach, please sign up here.


  1. Stage Truck - The Stage Truck hosts our City Kids Program which is a ‘sidewalk after-school’ program. This high energy weekly program includes music, drama, games, prizes, an empowering message of hope and good news that is so often hard to come by. This is supplemented by regular home visitation and mentorship throughout the week.

  2. Food Truck - The Mobilize Love Food Truck is the first non-profit food truck EVER in the Bay Area. Our Food Truck has the ability to cook and serve hundreds of meals each day. By providing food, we are meeting the most basic physiological needs and in doing so, we replace hunger for hope!

  3. Laundry Truck - Our Laundry Truck is literally a mobile laundromat. With four washers and dryers, we have the ability to wash and dry multiple loads of laundry each time the truck is deployed. By washing clothes, not only do we meet a practical need in the inner-city; but providing clean clothes also restores to people a sense of dignity. Each load washed, is a load lifted for these families.

  4. Wellness Truck - Our Wellness Truck provides multiple wellness services such as: haircutting, nail care, foot washing, exercise activities, and medical check ups. The Wellness Truck empowers individuals to thrive and live in confidence. These services are often sacred for a person who may feel isolated or uncared for.