Thanksgiving Day Outreach - 11/23

On Thanksgiving Day, we partnered with Boba Guys to bless the people in the Fillmore District of San Francisco. It was incredible to see how many volunteers and donors stepped up to the plate to help provide for those who would have, otherwise, spent the holiday alone. 

42 volunteers came together to serve over 250 people. Our volunteers created such a warm and inviting atmosphere as we invited people to a sit-down, high quality, home cooked meal. We played bingo, gave out so many great gifts, but most importantly engaged people with love! 

Additionally, our street team handed out flowers, pies, and meals to those on the streets. One volunteer was so moved, he got into his truck and began to personally pick up and drive homeless people who were immobile. That is the heartbeat of Mobilize Love - giving access to people who are shut out! 

Thank you again for all of your support as we mobilize people to love others!

"True Love Shows Up" - Holiday Update from Mobilize Love

I love the progression of John 3:16-17. God LOVED the world so God SENT His Son into the world. It's easy to say you love someone from a distance, but true love always shows up! In the inner city of San Francisco, whoever SHOWS UP wins the battle of influence. If we don't mobilize love and show up, who will?

Mobilize Love was launched on September 23, 2017. Initially, our plan was to launch in December, but a text from a friend prompted us to stop over-thinking the launch and just SHOW UP! On 9/23/17, 18 volunteers fed 100 people, gave 25 haircuts, shared the Gospel with 30 children, and signed up 135 families for Christmas toys. We don't despise the days of small beginnings, because big fruit often comes from small seeds.

I'm convinced, now more than ever, in a volatile world where tragedy can strike communities and cities at any given second, we are called to be ready to SHOW UP! We exist to mobilize love!

This holiday season, I ask that you remember to stay connected to Mobilize Love. The two biggest things to communicate at this time are: 

  1. VOLUNTEER - Two holiday outreaches: Thanksgiving - 11/23 & Christmas - 12/23
  2. VISION - What's most important right now? What is the next step? What are the long-term goals?

Thank you to all the volunteers and donors who have helped launched Mobilize Love, so many children and families will be blessed because of your support!

Christian Huang