Mobilize Love x Cityteam SF

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Letter from christian huang

On September 23, 2017, we launched Mobilize Love. Around the same time, the CEO of Cityteam, Glen Peterson, approached Cori and I to consider leading Cityteam SF. We turned the initial offer down because we believed strongly in the vision of Mobilize Love and we wanted to focus our efforts on mobile outreaches for children, youth, and families in SF. Additionally, we felt that we were not gifted for men's recovery programs; it takes a special grit to run a recovery program. 

Over the course of the year, we chose to focus on Mobilize Love by building two things: 1) partnerships with churches and corporations, and 2) four outreach trucks (stage truck, beauty truck, food truck, laundry truck). We were able to raise money for two of the four trucks and are still pursuing leads to build out the last two. In preparation for the second year of Mobilize Love, we hit a crossroads. Our choices were these: a) raise a few hundred thousand dollars to cover the operational budget of ML to get the trucks and outreaches going, or b) bring Mobilize Love into a collaborative partnership with a bigger entity (church or non-profit). We began to sense that there might be a creative way to accomplish multiple things at once. 

I️ met with Glen a month ago and between their need and ours, we found a creative solution to expedite the mission of both Cityteam and Mobilize Love. This is a true collaborative effort that makes the Kingdom even more efficient. 

Cityteam SF has a facility, a budget, existing programs, and resources to build a team. Mobilize Love has a very strong vision, an innovative ministry and business model, outreach trucks, and a network of partners who are ready for action. 

Recently, Glen asked me again to take over Cityteam SF. My counter offer was that I️ would help lead Cityteam SF as long as we can still keep Mobilize Love open, continue to build the trucks, and use the trucks to provide the mobile services and outreaches in partnership with Cityteam. 

He agreed to the idea. That is why we are announcing: Mobilize Love x Cityteam SF. 

So what changes with ML?

Not a lot. Mobilize Love is still a sovereign entity with the same vision. We still need help building trucks and supporting the ongoing ministry of ML. Cori, and her launch team of four women, are almost ready to start weekly outreaches with the sidewalk stage truck! Currently, the mobile laundry unit is being built and will be ready for us to use within a few months. This is all being done in conjunction with us leading Cityteam SF. 

Our biggest concern is ensuring that those who are supporting Mobilize Love understand that our new role at Cityteam does not negate the vision of Mobilize Love but instead expedites and reinforces it. Mobilize Love still needs your support.

Glen has been very supportive of allowing us the freedom to shape the new vision for Cityteam SF. He's a great man with a genuine heart for wanting what's best for the Kingdom. You can always check out Cityteam here:

We will continue to update you on the progress of the trucks. In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out: or

Love to you all - until all have heard! (Romans 10)

Christian & Cori Huang