about us

Our founders, Christian and Cori Huang, have over 15 years of nonprofit experience in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco. Christian started his service in underprivileged communities by being a youth director for nine years at San Francisco City Impact.

In 2011, after spending four years in the corporate world, Christian resigned from his national sales position in health care after receiving a call from a friend who survived being sex-trafficked. Her story revealed that the majority of injustice wasn't what was happening on the streets, but what was happening behind closed doors! Inspired to help, he returned to City Impact as the Executive Director where he's been serving for the past six years.

In September 2017, Christian and his family began a new work called: Mobilize Love. ML deploys a fleet of outreach trucks to give families access to basic human services and healthy community. As Christian often says, "Anyone can say, 'I love you,' from afar, but true love shows up. One thing I learned from working in the inner-city is that whoever shows up wins the battle of influence. We have to show up in order to deliver hope and good news to the families of San Francisco!" 

Christian and Cori have four children, Malachi, Micah, Maiya, and Levi. They are all on a mission to serve the city of San Francisco! 

Instagram & Twitter: @christianhuang